Keep Your Trees Under Control

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Don't let your trees become unruly- your family home could start looking more like a haunted house. Reach out to The Tree People for expert tree trimming. We'll do everything we can to keep your trees healthy and beautiful. If your branches interfere with power lines, they can cause an electrical fire. Don't let this happen.

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Tree trimming and pruning in Leander, Cedar Park, and Liberty Hill, TX

Tree pruning makes sure your trees stay in good shape

You don’t want your trees to grow in an unwanted direction. Rely on our top-tier tree pruning to keep your trees from getting out of hand. You won’t have to worry about tree branches scratching against your windows or siding once we’re done.

We will:

  • Remove moss from the trunks
  • Get rid of deadwood
  • Raise and balance canopies
  • Spray to eliminate ball moss



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